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Welcome to my store!

Even as a child I remember being fascinated by Movie costumes & dresses worn by women around me, The excitement of a bold color, the delicate romantic wafting of a sheer silk chiffon, the crisp razor sharp edge of a chic man tailored pant suit ! Indelible images on my impressionable little mind !

Growing up I naturally gravitated to fabrics and saw how each would trigger an image of a design creation that would be perfect ! For me, fabrics are timeless ! Like paints for an artist, there is no dating or expiration. Your creation or Artwork might change depending on your frame of mind, or what inspires you at that moment,  but the medium always remains the same ! 

I have seen & used the same fabric as fluid sensuous dresses or pleated blouses & jackets. Design instinctly comes , mysteriously inspired by someone or something or even the feel of the air when you are out in the Fall or Spring !

I collect  fabrics that inspire me. Nothing in my online store was bought as a busness decision, I show my fabrics for what they can be.

I hope you see something totally different and that my choices inspire you too !

I was fortunate to own a successful Couture Salon in Washington DC for over 24 years & traveled to Europe, Asia & the Orient & got to buy fabulous fabrics to create One of a Kind & made to measure clothing & collectibles for gifts !

I hope you save my site to come back again & again & see things differently whenever you come back

 Have fun !!!



Nikki Designer Fabric

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