Terms and Conditions

Very Important Note 

 Each monitor shows colors differently ! It looks perfect on mine, but different on yours. Please read my description, I try to tell you honestly what I think the color is. If color matching is a crucial criteria please shop at your neighborhood fabric store ! They’ll be happy & you will too.


Occasionally I do make mistakes on a listing. Things get listed in error or others don’t get cancelled out. Sometimes revisions on text don’t go through. 

I do apologize, I am a one person operation & wish I was perfect but I do make mistakes.

Do please accept my apologies if there is an error.


DOMESTIC Shipping Special !!!

I am offering FREE SHIPPING on lots of my fabrics !!! 

Have fun !!!!! 


Think of International shipping as chartering a plane to go someplace. If one person goes alone he pays all the cost to get there. If he has other passengers they all can fly together & share the cost ! Same thing for International shipping.  1 item cost the most. All others going in the package cost about $10-$14 each ! Save your purchases & combine shipping costs !

Sorry, I don’t lie about the items values on customs forms. I have nothing to do with what your country charges in Import duties.


1) Please e-mail me immediately if you want to return the item so I can let you know the return address.
2) Sorry I can’t refund any of the shipping fees as those have all been paid out to the shipping company.
3 )On items that were shipped free there will be a re-stocking fee equal to the shipping cost incurred to mail the items out to you .
4) Please return item in original condition , packed with care, just as you would like to receive it.
Thanks & be assured that you will not be stuck with something you don’t like.


Dear Crafters & People recreating historic garments 

I respect that you are trying to create accurate period garments or processing fabric to do creative unusual things. Please use sites that sell authentic, unprocessed & accurate fabrics . Fashion fabrics are different than craft fabrics. Yarns could be resin or wax coated or processed in ways to enhance sheen or behavior.


I do not test any of the fabrics by burning, soaking or boiling. I only describe them to the extent of my knowledge. If you have a question, please ask BEFORE buying.

Sadly I am very shallow & only care that it looks good !!!!!  If fiber purity is crucial, please shop merchants that specialize in pure fibers, I have no issues with any fiber, natural or man made, again, it just has to LOOK GOOD !!!


Samples OR Swatches :

There is a $5 swatch fee per swatch. I will apply the $5 towards purchase if you buy that fabric. Sorry I can’t swatch most of my single cut fabrics. 


Discount requests: 

 I price items the same for everyone. You can conveniently “Buy it Now ” without having to negotiate a great deal ! I have 1000 items listed .So I really can’t imagine negotiating 1000 times ! If you can find it cheaper elsewhere , buy it & enjoy your find ! Just like you, I am just trying to get by.


 Lay-a-ways are available,

please contact me BEFORE buying.


THANKS & enjoy your finds !